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adventure 2022 – 19 years ago I came across Costa Rica while traveling, a country that has fascinated me since then because of its incredible diversity and openness. The exotic land connects North and South America and is uniquely situated between the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean. Due to it´s location it has a great nature; the country has numerous extraordinary beaches, which are all left in their natural state. About 30% of the entire area are protected, therefore Costa Rica has become a pioneer in eco-tourism.

My first trip was one of those organized tours with a group of a big sizes. Personally, I was not very happy with that journey because I had bad luck and my group was not very harmonic and everything was very stressful as we spent most of the journey in the bus. That is why I today travel individually that way I can feel and decide freely. Actually, the Internet nowadays offers very good opportunities to put together an individual journey.

I do not want to sell you anything, just pass on my experiences.
While researching on hotellodges in Costa Rica I found the Paraiso del Cocodrilo on the Pacific coast. It is located near to Samara in the province of Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a small and very individual hotel whose restaurant and swimming pool are ideal for recreation. It is located very close to the Playa Buena Vista which can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes. There, an interesting turtle project is located in which volunteers from all over the world work to help the Tortugas survive and which is also great for a visit.

Costa Rica offers a lot to discover; national parks, beaches, volcanoes, rainforests and much more invite particularly adventurous visitors to go on a journey of discovery.

I have decided to spend more time here in Costa Rica and I would like to invite interested people to come and discover this natural paradise together with me.
The focus should be on fun and adventure.

adventure 2022

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Costa Rica banana republic, tax paradise, eco-country or what? It is a country for emigrants, with a lot of nature, friendly people,
I have been living in Costa Rica for more than 25 years now. At that time I began to build a person travel – hotel in Costa Rica, Samara, in the province of Guanacaste. The decision to leave Germany and settle in Costa Rica may have been the best of my life.

From 23.12.22 – 02.01.23 the Hotel Costa Rica is almost fully booked. Please contact them via this website right here.

They look forward to seeing you


We wish all Costa Rica adventurers a wonderful stay

I do not want to sell you anything, just pass on my experiences. Tours in Costa Rica

I offer to put together tours according to personal interests. There is the possibility of renting a car, a quad bike, a motorbike or a mountain bike to that way be able to explore the area on your own. But it is also possible to do tours accompanied by an experienced guide.
In the foreseeable future, trips with a Catamaran are planned, there already are experienced instructor. Adventure enthusiasts should definitely find something they like.

For me personally it is very important that everybody can enjoy his individual freedom. Find out what you would really like to see and do. I would be very pleased to welcome you on one of our personal tours and I am open for questions of any kind.

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