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Hotellodge – Eventually, I came across an innovative and individual Costa Rica Hotellodge some time ago, the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo. It is located at the Pacific coast and to the nearest town Samara it is only 8 kilometers. Samara is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the province of Guanacaste.

Local, organic or international

What is great is that the hotel also includes a good restaurant. There you can get just about everything your heart desires, both international and Costa Rican delicacies are served, enjoy your meal drinking a cocktails or even a German beer. Another highlight is the swimming pool.

Hotellodge – Close to Playa Buena Vista

I particularly like the quiet location of the hotel where you are as a guest able to relax. The environment is rural and thus more authentic than one of the bigger cities of the country. It’s also great that the nearest beach, the Playa Buena Vista is only 10 minutes away by foot. It is ideal for a stroll. It is also worth to visit the local turtle project in which volunteers from all over the world work. To the turtle camp you can easily walk along the beach. What always fascinates me is how many different shapes the sea and the coast can have, whether high or low tide, sunshine or rain, each time a completely different impression is created.

Unique atmosphere

Out of the stress, into the hammock – monteverde, costa rica

I have already met lots of interesting people in the hotel, they come from around the world, but particularly Germans like to meet here to have an exciting time. Many guests are musically talented, playing one or the other instrument and from time to time they come together to play. In the evenings there frequently music sessions are held. Everyone can participate but of course you can also just listen to the music and enjoy this unique atmosphere.

Samara Costa Rica at the Pacific Coast – Hammock-time

There is an offer for everyone, different rooms and suites, all equipped with private bathroom and some even with their own kitchen, are provided. You can also spend your time very well on the ground of the hotel; the hotel pool and terraces, as well as a beautiful plant life invite for a stay in the sun. My personal favourite place is in one of the hammocks which hang in the garden throughout the summer.

Well, for me, a perfect place to start tours to the natural paradise of Costa Rica.

Want to stay within chilled costarican atmosphere

I am looking forward to your visit.

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